Half Marathon Training

Half marathon training has long been considered a fantastic way to stay in shape, but it can also be an exercise routine that is a little boring. One way to make it more interesting is to run with a purpose in mind. For some runners that means setting a distance or location when they start out, but for others it means training to run in a major race. The pinnacle of the running world is to try and complete a marathon, but it’s often better to aim a little lower when starting out. A half marathon is a great starting point.

You must understand that you can’t just enter into a race that’s taking place in a week and hope to do well. You must understand how to train for a half marathon, and it usually means giving yourself 3 to 4 months to get in shape for an upcoming event. It can be tough to commit to that sort of time, so in order to motivate yourself; you should register for a race that falls in or around that time frame. Knowing that you have a definite date will make it less likely for you to drop out, especially if it’s a sponsored event that supports a charity.

Experienced runners may not necessarily have to take that much time to prepare, so a half marathon training guide for beginners is not what they need. The first week of your training should almost mirror the training program that you are already following. The key to half marathon training is to prepare your body for the big day in ever increasing increments. Trying to do too much too soon could easily lead to injury and knock you out of the race before your training has really started.

Your half marathon training plan may go a little better if you find a friend to run with you. There are going to be times when you feel tired or that you have plateaued, but having someone that understands what you are going through can help you push through those tough times. When you feel as though you have “hit a wall”, then it’s a good idea to change up your workout routine a little. Our training plan will guide you and give you suggestions along the way to help you get out of the slump.

Before you start on any kind of half marathon training schedule you should always talk to your doctor first. He or she will tell you if you’re healthy enough to even consider it, as well as possibly suggesting a diet plan for you to follow. It’s important to eat enough nourishing food while you train, so be sure to keep an accurate count of your caloric intake. Our Easy Cooking Cookbook will provide you with several recipes to fuel your body while training. By the time the race rolls around, you should be in fantastic shape and ready to take on the world, one mile at a time.